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He's in the Jailhouse Now

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Chapter Ten
An Assembly of Picturesque Denizens with Questionable Credentials Relate their Sundry Injuries.


Well, I remember last election (sure do)
Jim Jones got in action
Said he's votin' for the man who paid the biggest price (makes sense to me)
The next day at the poll
He voted with heart and soul
But instead of voting once he voted twice (you can't do that there, Jim)

He's in the jailhouse now
He's in the jailhouse now
Instead of him staying at home
Lettin’ those rich folks' business alone
He's in the jailhouse now

Well, you remember Henry Crews (sure do)
He sold that no good booze
He sold it to the police on the beat (Not too smart there, Henry)
Now Henry's feeling funny
Police give him marked money
He's got a ball and chain around his feet (We ain't talking about his wife)

He's in the jailhouse now
He's in the jailhouse now
The judge gave him two years
And Henry shedding tears
He's in the jailhouse now

Son was walking down the street (uh-huh)
A little chick he chanced to meet
Went to every cabaret in town (sounds like fun)
He bought lots of liquor
His trouble's gotten thicker
Now Son is jailhouse bound (I hope it was worth it)

He's in the jailhouse now
He's in the jailhouse now
If he's got a political friend
The judge's sentence he will suspend
He's in the jailhouse now

Music and Lyrics arranged by Pamela Moore
Based on a work by the Memphis Sheiks
Madame Pamita - Vocal and soprano ukulele
Patrick "The Holy Ukerist" Weise - soprano ukulele, kazoo, backing vocals

Recorded September 8, 2008 at Mr. Peter Dilg's Wax Cylinder Factory


There is nothing more delightful than a song showing how ballot-fixing, bootlegging and carousing will lead to a jail term and all you have to do is know the right people to get out. Don't judges make great bad guys?

Madame Pamita's wonderful friend and Parlor of Wonders guitar wizard, "Soup Greens" Gonze, says that "He's in the Jailhouse Now" dates back to at least 1917 and that the song's origins were most likely in the medicine show circuit. Our reference version was recorded in 1930, by the Memphis Sheiks, also known as the Memphis Jug Band.