Madame Pamita uses the powers of euphonious prognostication to tell audience member’s fortunes and plays songs written both by herself and by those who have moved on to the great beyond: rural blues, old time, jug band and proto-jazz numbers about romance and revenge and mirth and mayhem.  She plays on an assortment of odd antiquarian instruments (Imperial Banjeaurine, Banjolele, Marxophone, Polka-Lay-Lee, and Tiple; as well as a 115 year-old banjo and early 20th century ukuleles). 

Madame Pamita has recorded these songs onto wax cylinder with equipment from the 1800s. Fans of Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, Alan Lomax’s field recordings or what Greil Marcus likes to call “the Old Weird America” will be transported to the birth of recorded music when an evening’s entertainment meant surprises, amusements and a singular experience like no other!

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