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Do Whatever You Please

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Chapter Five
A Minute Digression of Great Import Directing the Reader to the Secret Font of Unfettered Happiness.


There are people who say if you do what you may
That you’re bound to fail
But I tell you no, babe, there’s no need to behave
You’re not in jail
Dare to be bold, you don't need to be told
That it’s no sin
Madame Pamita’s telling you, honey,
It’s time for you to jump in

There’s nothing you can’t do, when you’ve got the nerve
There’s nothing you can’t have, that you don’t deserve
There’s nothing you can’t say, or have or be
So, Madame Pamita’s telling you, honey, do whatever you please

Raise your vibration, don’t need an occasion
To float downstream
Plan big when you’re scheming and then when you’re dreaming
It’s not a dream
All you’ve imagined arrives like a pageant
Hooray for you!
Madame Pamita’s telling you honey, love whatever you do


Music and Lyrics by Pamela Moore
Madame Pamita - Vocal and soprano ukulele
Patrick "The Holy Ukerist" Weise - soprano ukulele

Recorded September 9, 2008 at Mr. Peter Dilg's Wax Cylinder Factory


Search no more! The lyrics of this song contain the secret to unending bliss. It's true! Listen, follow the instructions and watch happiness unfold.