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Goodbye Miss Liza Jane

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Chapter Seven
An Aggrieved Swain Laments his Station and Makes Immoderate Demands.


Looky here, Liza, listen to me
You ain't the gal that you promised to be
Didn’t you say you’d always be true
Saw you out riding with Mister Brown
Now I’m the laughing stock of the town
People said to never trust you

Throw up your hands, ma’am, I’m a gonna go
I was a good man when I had the dough
Goodbye, Miss Liza
I’m going to leave you
You know when I go
I’m the fella with the dough
So sing a little song, travel along
Yes, travel along
Bid me good day, ma’am, I’m on my way
Goodbye Miss Liza Jane

Gimme a back my gold watch and chain
Gimme my umbrella 'cos it might rain
Gimme the clothes that I paid for too
Dive in the trunk now bring me those things
Gimme a back my diamond ring
Get Mr. Brown to dress you all up new


Music and Lyrics arranged by Pamela Moore
Based on a work by Andrew B. Sterling and Harry Von Tilzer

Madame Pamita - Vocal and Imperial Banjeaurine
Mr. Patrick "The Holy Ukerist" Weise - Soprano ukulele

Recorded September 8, 2008 at Mr. Peter Dilg's Wax Cylinder Factory


If there is one thing that Madame Pamita cannot resist, it's a break-up song where a guy demands his umbrella back! This one was written in 1903 by the amazing Harry von Tilzer, a man whose career is sure to be a source of envy. He ran away with the circus at 14 and then ended up working as a saloon pianist, a medicine show and vaudeville performer and then writing Tin Pan Alley songs.

The reference version is by banjo iconoclast, Charlie Poole, who recorded it in 1930.