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Madame Pamita's Theme Song

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Chapter One -:::- In Which We are Introduced to Our Heroine in a Most Extraordinary and Unexpected Manner.


Grab your hat it’s time to go
To Madame Pamita’s show
Come to where the high tone people meet now
Slide right in and take a seat
You’re in for fortune telling treats
At least it keeps your backside off the street now

You’ll feel the good vibrations that she sends
another round of drinks for all her friends
And guess who’s buyin’

Booze is flowin’, garters showin’
Tell your pals that you’ll be goin’
To the place the good folks congregate then
See the act that’s swept the nation
Euphonious prognostication
Untangle any twisted turn of fate when

You See Pamita
There’s no one sweeter

one sip will fix ya
Of her elixa’

It’s good, not wicked
It’s just the ticket

You’re at Madame Pamita’s show


Music and Lyrics by Pamela Moore

Madame Pamita - Vocal and soprano ukulele
Patrick "The Idiot Saw-vant" Weise - Musical saw

Recorded September 8, 2008 at Mr. Peter Dilg's Wax Cylinder Factory


Before one of Madame Pamita's euphonious prognostication performances can begin, the proper tone of reverence must be prepared. Naturally, a song that incorporates booze flowin' and garters showin' sets the appropriate sober ambiance. There's more than one way to invite the spirits!