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No Bad News

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Chapter Twelve
Auspicious Auguries from Unexpected Allies and Their Unforeseen Consequences on the Tale’s Conclusion.


The headlines say
The world is full
Of lots of struggle and strife
But I don’t mind it
I’m feeling fine it’s
Not the story of my life

When you know the world is your creation
Everyday is an exotic vacation
Throw your penny in the wishing well then
Ring up your friends and then you can tell them

No bad news
No bad news
There's no bad news today

The mailman might bring me a letter
But I’ll bet he’ll bring something better

There’s no bad news today

I said that bill time, pill time
Seltzer or booze
It’s all the same to me
The world is your oyster, just take your pearl
Like picking peaches from a tree

No bad news
No bad news
There's no bad news today

Western Union man wants a tip
I’ll give him something he’ll never forget

There's no bad news today
There's no bad news today
Only good news today


Music and Lyrics by Pamela Moore

Madame Pamita - Vocal and soprano ukulele
Patrick "The Idiot Saw-vant" Weise - Musical saw

Recorded September 8, 2008 at Mr. Peter Dilg's Wax Cylinder Factory


Madame Pamita has a great fascination with the concept of creating one's own reality. It is her observation that there is much out in the world that attempts to pervert our powers of intention.

Remember! Reading the newspaper and watching newsreels can be harmful to your happiness! Truly!