1. Moving Day
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Moving Day

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Chapter Nine
Our Heroine Finds Herself Cast into Curious Straits at the Hands of a Perfidious Landlord.


Landlord said this morning to me
Give me your key
This flat ain’t free
I can’t get no rent out of you
Pack up your things and skidoo.. you

I’ve been waiting till my Bill comes home
He’s my honey from the honeycomb
He’ll have money cause he told me so this morning

Landlord said I give you lots of show
I want my rooms or else I want my dough
I’ll wait for Bill, if he don’t pay then out you go

Because it’s moving day
Moving day
Rip that carpet up from off the floor
Take that oil stove out the door
It’s moving day
Pack your folding bed and get away
If you spent every cent you can live out in a tent
It’s moving day

Bill came in all covered with snow
I said hello
Give me some dough
Here’s the landlord waiting for rent
Bill said I ain’t got a cent
Here’s two chickens that I brought for stew
Landlord take ‘em for the rent was due
Landlord said my chicken coop was robbed this morning
Two black hens are missing from my coop
They’s the ones you just brought in for soup
Get busy you and get your things down on that stoop


Music and Lyrics arranged by Pamela Moore
Based on a work by Harry von Tilzer
Madame Pamita - Vocal and Imperial Banjeaurine
Patrick "The Holy Ukerist" Weise - Guitar
Peter "The Wax Wizard" Dilg - Chicken noises

Recorded September 9, 2008 at Mr. Peter Dilg's Wax Cylinder Factory


Madame Pamita believes that there is nothing more amusing than a comic song about the eviction process! This one was written by the aforementioned Harry von Tilzer and originally recorded by Arthur Collins in 1906 and later by Charlie Poole in 1930.